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Community Center 2

We are seeking support to construct a second building as part of our operation "Over-the-Hill" in downtown Nassau. This historic area of Grant's Town is full of untapped potential, and we are planning to expand our program offerings to another more families through a new 4,800 sq foot Center located across the street from our existing Community Center.
The property was purchased by an anonymous donor and we have secured initial gifts to get us closer to our goal as the site has been prepared. Our dedicated staff will utilize this new building to enhance our programmatic offerings.
There will also be an emphasis on sustainability through alternative energy projects and a containerized hydroponics initiative. Through our programs, we have noticed a strong positive impact and multiple instances where our efforts deterred violence, increased opportunities, and furthered educational attainment.
The new building will be located across the street from the current Center, the Neville and Nora Dorsett Community Center on Lewis Street between East Street and Market Street. The new property is shown below by the black rectangle in the image.
The new building will be managed by our team. The staff will be closely monitored by our Board of Directors and reporting/evaluations will be mandatory for all staff.

Our team has spent over three years immersing themselves in the community and have built deep relationships with the youth and their families. This level of respect and buy-in is critical to our continued success.

Floor 1

Floor 2

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