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Neville & Nora Dorsett Community Center

Young girl smiling, community service program
Lewis Street 
Grant's Town
Nassau, Bahamas

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The Community Center was completed in the Fall of 2018. After-school programming incorporating core 4-H based programs and other programs we identify through community partners are underway primarily targeting youth ages 4-20 years old. 4-H is a positive youth development organization where young people are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.


Youth of all ages take part in a variety of programming that has been vetted and tested by 4-H clubs around the world. In addition to our 4-H programming, we are constantly building partnerships with other nonprofits, foundations, companies, and individuals from the Bahamas as well as abroad to implement innovative and impactful programs and short-term initiatives. Programs currently being implemented include: financial literacy, STEM program, sewing, visual arts, workforce prep, swimming, reading, and a computer literacy/science program.


We welcome ideas and connections for new and impactful programs, so please reach out. 

Executive Director
Executive Director

Mitsy Burrows has extensive experience with 4-H based learning and has been running educational programs for over 5 years with hundreds of children, teens, adults, and senior citizens in the Bahamas. She has a special interest in promoting the advancement of young women in urban populations and seeks to maximize every child’s potential. In addition, she directed our National Food Assistance Efforts feeding tens of thousands in downtown Nassau and other communities for months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Jade Alexis Sands
Hydroponics Director

Jade’s journey as a farmer began in 2012 in Nassau, Bahamas, while pursuing a degree in Chemistry. She has worked on various farms throughout the country, learning about outdoor and containerized hydroponics; tree farming; market gardening and traditional agriculture.


She’s an amateur beekeeper, poulterer and compost maker. Her goal is to work with current and aspiring farmers to improve food sovereignty in the country.

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