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George Maillis, Bahamas

George Maillis is a Relationship Manager with Octogone Fund Management Ltd. in Nassau after serving as the Deputy CEO of Andbank Bahamas Limited and in various capacities with other banks in the Private Banking world for almost 20 years. With a passion for seeing people and communities thrive and develop, George involves himself in a wide range of organizations and activities. George has been with Lend a Hand Bahamas since day one. He is a former Treasurer for Lend A Hand, as well as for the Bahamas Protected Area Fund and is a passionate founding member of the AGOC Nation Builders Toastmasters Club while being deeply involved in his church. His hobbies include fishing, farming, archery, and in his spare time he is also pioneering quail farming in the Bahamas through the Adelaide Quail Company with a keen interest in developing new niche agricultural ventures in the Bahamas.

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